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Digitising the Operation

Unified Contract Management System.
Up-to-date, Locatable and Compliant Contracts in Real-time

A self-managed system had evolved over time that meant contracts were held in various locations by multiple stakeholders, they were formulated by email ping-pong and compliance tracking had become inefficient and expensive.  The need for a centralised and easily managed contract software system had become urgent. The new software had to be hosted within their internal infrastructure, work with legacy browsers and software and be easy to use and non-technical.


After conducting contextual and requirement analysis, developing user interaction models and tests via prototypes, a developed Unified Contract Management System was presented.

The system was designed to:-

  • inform all stakeholders on the location, progress and relevancy of all contracts, current and past
  • facilitate stakeholders in the formulating and managing of contracts by making individuals aware of the relevant contractual, procedural and regulatory obligations per each contract
  • allow all contracts to be created and located by a company-wide visual map
  • view all contracts hierarchical relationships
  • search by contract specific parameters, like date contract end, settlement dates
  • stakeholders receive contract specific notification alerts and messages

Besides efficiency and cost savings, the greatest benefit would be the ability to meet and keep up to date with all regulatory and compliance obligations.