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Digitising Products and Services

Product Configurator and Live Customer Engagement
Selling an Experience Interactively

Via their brochure-style website, BMW found that they had minimal customer interaction via this channel. Further, what did exist, namely phone calls and emails, was initiated by website browsers themselves. BMW could not initiate and was playing no direct part in turning website browsing potential customers into actual ones. Thus, they wanted to develop a new channel of customer engagement via their website, specifically for their car configuration pages.

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Though BMW initially wanted us to supply them with Live Chat software, after we ran heuristic evaluations and content audits it became apparent to all parties that a more expansive form of engagement was needed. The research results made it clear that their online Customer Service Operators would have to deliver a greater degree of control and a deeper depth of offer throughout the whole customer service interaction journey.

The Live Customer Engagement software we delivered for BMW, called Genius Chat, created a totally new interaction channel and route for sales. Customers received real-time advice, support and hand-holding via live chat and screen share tools. On the Customer Service Operators admin side, the software tracked, monitored and assisted the staff in delivering information pro-actively and of relevance to any customers’ needs.

Initially, used just within the BMWi pages, the Live Customer Engagement software has been migrated to all BMW UK pages and will soon be deployed across all worldwide BMW websites.

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With the Live Customer Engagement software, BMW is not just selling a product but they can now sell an experience.
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